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Expografica, Mexico 2015

Glunz & Jensen recently attended the Expográfica exhibition on May 12 – 15 at the Centro Banmex center in Mexico City. 

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Poligrafia Poznan 26-29 May

At Poligrafia, Fujifilm showed their Glunz & Jensen produced FLH-Z 85 processor at Fujifilm Poland´s stand.

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The winning team

Best performing Heidelberg Dealer in 2015

In corporation with Heidelberg APC Management, Glunz & Jensen launched a campaign to reward the best Heidelberg CtP/Processor selling team in 2

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Fujifilm visits Glunz & Jensen in Denmark

Fujifilm Europe visit in Denmark

Fujifilm Europe visited Glunz & Jensen headquater - to meet up with the Glunz & Jensen team that supports the Fujifilm business on a daily

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System Flexo installation

Glunz & Jensen Concept 305DW installation at System Flexo

To the right is Navdeep Dadwal, VP Sales Malhotra Graphics and to the left is Bhagat Singh Jeena, Director at System Flexo.

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Print China 2015

China Print

China Print started off well this year. Lots of visitors and lots of new business.

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Digiflex inaugurates new flexo bureau in Hyderabad (article in PrintWeek)

Digiflex has strengthened its setup with the addition of a Glunz & Jensen solution.

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Kodak training course in Melbourne

3 technicians from Kodak Australia were trained in T-HDE processor by Kjeld Johnsson in Melbourne in March.

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Training course for Fujifilm Australia in Sydney in FLH-Z processor.

Training course for Fujifilm Australia in Sydney in the FLH-Z processor and ZAC box.

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Preserving the Future and the Past, Gazette Upgrades Printing Process

“This technology is more efficient, lets us improve the quality of our print reproduction and best of all is environmentally friendly,” Ms.

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